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First War Canadian Jute Helmet Cover

Price: $1890.00

Very good condition First War Canadian helmet cover with 20th Battalion divi's on the front and rear. Insignia is the correct melton wool material. The cover itself is a jute material with a drawstring at the rear and a herring bone twill material for edging reinforcement. An identical construction specimen was sold a while back on The Collectors Guild. Same hbt reinforcement material for the edging. I have heard of a third specimen that was floating around of identical construction, I have not personally inspected that one. A 100% original scarce piece of First War Canadian history. A First War british helmet with missing chinstrap comes with the cover to properly display it. This is the second time I have had the privilege of selling this item.

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First War Canadian Jute Helmet Cover

First War Canadian Jute Helmet Cover

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