Toy Soldiers


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New and featured military antiques
Pre Confederation First Halifax Engineers Belt Buckle Half

Late 19th Century Canada Militia Glenngary

Imperial German Iron Cross 2nd Class 1914

Imperial German First War Pair

2nd War Iron Cross 2nd Class

German M31 Canteen & Aluminum Cup

M31 German 2nd War Canteen

Luftwaffe Lantern

German 2nd War Mess Tin and Strap

Luftwaffe Lantern

Mauser Kar98K Ammunition Pouch

Mothers Cross in Gold

Canada General Service Medal to a Major

German 2nd War Patriotic Print

Imperial German Brass Belt Buckle and Tab

Small Carton of “SA” Cigarettes

German 2nd War Patriotic Flag

Rare German 2nd War Recruiting Poster

Early 78th Regiment Tableware

Sterling Canadian Artillery Spoon

Pre WW1 Khaki Puttees

Royal Sappers and Miners Tankard

Model 1895 Winchester in 30 US

1st Canadian Highland Battalion Flash

German 2nd War Mess Kit Top

Mothers Cross in Bronze

2nd War 21 RCA Titles Set of Two

Iron Cross 1st Class L10

Iron Cross 2nd Class Ring Marked 23

German Civilian Gas Mask

German 2nd War Road Maps

Soldbuch/Wehrpaß Set to Grenadier

German M31 Canteen and Cover

German M31 Gasmask and Carrier

Early MG 34 Ammo Can

First War British Souvenir Belt

1941 Dated Light Duty Y Straps

Pocket Watch Holder

Austrian Schako Inkwell

Luftwaffe Post War Officers Grouping

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