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I am constantly on the hunt for items in above average condition to grace the finest collections. CLICK HERE for more info on selling your antiques.

New and featured military antiques
German 7.7 cm Shell Casing 1917

First War Trench Art Vase

Bust of Adolf Hitler

German Marksmanship Lanyard

Small Personal Third Reich Flag

Third Reich Podium Banner.

Small 2nd War Nazi Flag

Waffen SS Soup Bowl

German 2nd WWar Dress Bayonet Eichorn

German 2nd War Dress Bayonet E & F Horster

German 2nd War Dress Bayonet WKC

1871 Mauser Dress Bayonet

German 2nd War Pioneer Saw

Early Hitler Youth Knife

German First War Close Combat Knife

Imperial German Iron Cross Medal Group

Oval Portrait of 226 Battalion (Men of the North)Soldier

Canadian  CM 735 Combat Helmet Large

RCASC 2nd War Battledress

Royal Canadian Artillery Battledress and Beret

Inglis High Power Shoulder Stock Accessory

Current Issue Canadian CG634 Combat Helmet

German 2nd War Steel Bogie Wheel

German Helmets of the Second World War by Radovic

German Soldiers Fibel Guide

German 2nd War MG 34 Flash Suppressor

German 2nd War Gas Cape Pouch for Vehicles

German 2nd War Training Battalion Dog Tag

Imperial German Patriotic Cross Stitch

Patriotic Cross Stitch for the 22nd Regiment

M31 German Canteen and Cup

Imperial German Saxon Medal Group

Mothers Cross in Bronze

Luftwaffe Captain Collar Insignia Pair

German 2nd War NCO’s/ Enlisted Combat Boots

German Army Zeltban or Shelter Quarter

German 2nd War Combat Belt

M39 Egg Grenade Hand Bell

Panzerfaust Kitchen Funnel

Luftwaffe Aluminum Belt Buckle

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