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New and featured military antiques
Iron Cross First Class Unmarked

RCCS Grouping

Third Reich Period Stein

Pattern 1916, Dismounted Equipment Belt

First War German Music Sheet

Canadian Korean War Pair

British Special Forces Bergen

Second War German Zeltbahn

German 2nd War Breadbag

German Rectangle Zeltbahn

Imperial/Third Reich Medal Group

British War Medal to a Captain

British War Medal Named to 19th Battalion

Canada Militia Belt and Buckle

Early British/ Canadian Forage Cap

First War Paper Target

RCMP Red Serge Grouping

Packaging for Close Combat Clasp

Invicta, The Carleton and York Regiment

Royal Canadian Artillery Officers Grouping

93rd Cumberland Battalion of Infantry Helmet Plate

Third Reich Germany Army Gravy Boat

Australian 2nd War Navigator Wing

First War Trio to Loyal North Lancashire Regiment

DLV Competition Schnapps Cup

Unknown Sweetheart Pin

Royal Naval Reserve Long Service Medal Edward VII

USMC Desert Uniform Shirt and Cap

RSM Sleeve Insignia

North Nova’s Memory Club Stick Pin in Sterling

176 Battalion CEF Collar Insignia

Austro-Hungarian Cavalry Sabre

1870 Pattern Werdl Bayonet

German 1936 Olympic Sailing Pin

First War Iron Cross 1st Class & Case

German Drinking Water Metal Carrier

Afghanistan Victorian Pair and More

Trans Canada Airlines Pilots Cap Badge

Japanese Order of the Sacred Treasure 7th Class

Japanese Order of the Rising Sun 7th Class

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