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I am constantly on the hunt for items in above average condition to grace the finest collections. CLICK HERE for more info on selling your antiques.

New and featured military antiques
Chinese Type 65 Cavalry Sabre

Imperial German Binoculars and Case

Imperial German Binoculars

Uniform Chits

Kettenkrad Bogie Wheel

German 2nd War Officers Boots

Imperial German Buckle and Tab

Korean War Medal in Box

1953 RCEME Korea Tankard

British 1885 Pattern Cavalry Troopers Sword

The 60th  CFA Battery Book

First War 85th Battalion Helmet

4. Garde-Regiment zu Fuss Militarpass and Cover

1890’s Busby 8th Princess Louise New Brunswick Hussars

Vintage 2nd War Canadian Red Ensign

Fernglass 08 Officers Bino

Motorcycle Constable’s Badge

Edward Vll Swagger Stick

Cloth DRL Sports Insignia

Iron Cross First Class by Deumer

Circa 1890’s Officers Forage Cap

Boer War/First War Mess Kit

NSKK Pass Book

German 2nd War Wound Bandages

79th Battalion Marked 1916 Pattern Belt

85th Battalion Ammo Pouch

1916 Dismounted Pack

HMCS St. Croix Lamp

Third Reich Period Stein

First War German Music Sheet

Canadian Korean War Pair

British Special Forces Bergen

Imperial/Third Reich Medal Group

British War Medal to a Captain

Early British/ Canadian Forage Cap

RCMP Red Serge Grouping

Packaging for Close Combat Clasp

Invicta, The Carleton and York Regiment

93rd Cumberland Battalion of Infantry Helmet Plate

Third Reich Germany Army Gravy Boat

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